The Fleurieu Biennale is a non-acquisitive art prize and the works of the finalists are all available for sale. We encourage you to visit the exhibitions in person and to purchase work at the Fleurieu Arthouse, but are also happy to help with an online sale. An online catalogue is available during the exhibition. Works can be collected or can be delivered to the purchaser (at their cost) at the end of the exhibition (July 2024).

The Otway's Pulse II-III (diptych)
Mina Afra
Oil on Wooden Panel - Framed in Tasmanian Oak
86 x 34
Huge Skies
Carole Bann
24 carat gold
72 x 48
Day trippers to nature
Joe Blundell
oil on linen
101 x 72
Back Valley, Night
Elizabeth Bowen
Oil on Canvas
92 x 61
Just a Tree Along Peacock Road
David Braun
Pen Drawing
80 x 112
The spot where she watches the river lined with Samphire meet the sea, (in honour of Cath Cantlon)
Gemma Rose Brook
Oil on Canvas
76 x 90
Southern Cross and Snake at Twilight
David Asher Brook
Oil and enamel on linen
87 x 63
Lichen II
Tony Busch
Hand-dyed jute fibre, cotton warp.
70 x 60
The Little House With The Yellow Roof
Mikaela Castledine
Crochet cotton and reclaimed heritage hessian on canvas
46 x 35
Watching the walls and the ceiling
John Foubister
Oil paint on marine ply
122 x 82
Fox Scat
Harriet Geater-Johnson
45 x 55
Resonant Landscapes
Holly Grace
Blown glass with video projection and sound
85 x 33
Untitled (And the Baby Pulled Her Coils, As If They Were Montessori Toys)
Edwina Green
70 x 100
Port Willunga
meegan gun
oil on linen
79 x 54
Dwelling in Nostalgic Spaciousness
Jaquie Hagan
Textile : wool on linen, timber stretcher, felt frame
124 x 78
Forest Ochre on Open Form Sold
Ashlee Hopkins
Australian stoneware, foraged oxide
38 x 39
From Tennyson
Ann Howie
Oil on linen
96 x 96
I carry this landscape with me......whether I want it or not Sold
Suzannah Jones
mixed media on canvas
120 x 120
the Golden Hour 2
mark Kimber
Pigment print on Luster Paper
65 x 75
Summer Sunset
Amelia Lynch
Glazed ceramic
28 x 30
'In The Cold Light Of Day'
Gemma Lynch-Memory
Oil and Mixed Media on Canvas
150 x 120
Modes of Seeing
Naomi McCann
Oil and acrylic on linen
92 x 122
Deb McKay
Ceramic Sculpture
25 x 46
On The Plains Around Narrabri
Deb Michell-Smith
Acrylic on Canvas
122 x 96
Karta kartaka (pink cockatoo) – no Mitchell fella you
Kent Morris
single channel HD video, 16:9, colour, no sound
150 x 150
The Great Wave ( near Yorketown)
John Neylon
acrylic on canvas
91 x 76
Yellow Tailed Cockatoos Above The Graphity Shed
brian O'Malley
acrylic on canvas
100 x 80
It is not as it Seems
Maricelle Olivier
Ceramics - hand built Dark Matter, underglaze and glaze
70 x 16
Purnululu Heart
Dailan Pugh
oil on linen
91 x 122
The Scent of Eucalyptus
Renata Rozenbilds
oil on linen (framed)
76 x 76
Bush Tucker on Country
Agnes Rubuntja
Acrylic on Linen
76 x 107
Ellie Sutton
Ink and oil on perspex
90 x 120
From Balpatta X 2024 (Uttarakhand series)
Sarah Tomasetti
pigment and oil on fresco plaster with relief white on muslin.
150 x 145
Skyblankets and Seabeds
Deborah Twining
hand-built earthenware ceramics, slips, oxides, sgraffito.
40 x 60
Gazebo, Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens
Alex Wanders
Acrylic on canvas
112 x 112
Days like these
Talia Wignall
Watercolour on paper
54 x 74
Gloaming Catchment, Waterfall Gully
Laura Wills
Ink, pastel, watercolour and pencil on Department of Lands, SA map 1:2500 series, contour interval 2m, Waterfall Gully area
90 x 150
Driving South
Bernadette Woodward
Oil on Canvas
61 x 51
Prickly Pears in Bloom
Emma Young
Blown, hot sculpted, cold worked glass
100 x 30

Works will be removed from the site once they are sold.


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