Terms and Conditions of Entry 


Artist Eligibility 

  • To be eligible, an artist must be currently residing in Australia (a citizen or resident for at least twelve months) and be 18 years of age or more at time of entry. 

  • There is no limit to the number of entries that may be submitted by an eligible artist. 

  • The term artist can describe an individual, collaboration or group. The entry must be created solely by the named artist or artists. 


Artwork eligibility 

  • Entries in any discipline will be accepted, including, but not limited to, painting, drawing, printing, photography, sculpture and moving or projected digital media (but note digital works may not be able to be appropriately exhibited in the gallery – artists of digital media are invited to contact the Fleurieu Arthouse to discuss limitations before submitting their work). 

  • Reproductions of original artwork are not eligible for entry. 

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) generated or assisted work is not eligible for entry. 

  • Ephemeral work is not eligible for entry. 

  • Artwork must not present an unacceptable risk to the safety or security of the gallery, exhibition staff or visitors. 

  • Artwork must not infringe the copyright, moral rights or any other legal rights of any third party.  

  • Shortlisted artwork that does not comply with any one or more of the criteria will not be accepted for exhibition or final judging and will be returned to the artist at the artist’s cost. 


Artwork Specifications 

  • Two-dimensional (2D) must not exceed 1.5m [W], 1.5m [H], including frame. 

  • Three-dimensional (3D) sculpture must not exceed 250kg, including mountings, fixings and base. 

  • Multiple elements in any one entry will be accepted but only if, in combination, they do not exceed the size and weight specifications. 

  • Eligible entries must be new and previously unshown works completed after 1 January 2023. 

  • Entries must be clearly labelled (on the reverse side where possible) with the artist’s name and the title of the work. 

  • Artworks must be exhibition ready (e.g. works on paper must be framed or mat-boarded). If you need a plinth, please describe what you need in your application. 

  • 2D Artwork must be ready for hanging with both wires and Flat D-rings fastened securely to support 10cm from the top edge. 

  • 3D artwork that is to be wall mounted must be ready for hanging with an appropriate hanging system.  

  • Sculpture weighing more than 80 kgs must be suitable for display outdoors.  Artists submitting sculptures weighing 80 kgs or less must indicate whether their entry can be displayed outdoors, if that is the curator’s preference. 

  • Artists should consider the risk and public safety profiles of their sculptures, their ease of installation and removal and their durability and environmental impact before submitting them. 

  • All outdoors work must, in the opinion of Fleurieu Art Foundation and Fleurieu Arthouse, be capable of being anchored and secured safely. A forklift and qualified driver will be available to assist artists to install and demount outdoor sculptures. If an artist needs a forklift and driver, the artist must indicate that on the application form and, if shortlisted, book an installation time with the Fleurieu Arthouse. 

    • Artwork must be exhibition ready and accompanied with all necessary fixings and supports for installation. Clear, detailed instructions must be provided for complicated installations. Artists may be called upon to advise. 

  • Artwork must be cured and complete. 

  • Fleurieu Art Foundation and the Fleurieu Arthouse must be satisfied that artwork is practical for installation and display in the gallery. 


Submitting an entry  

  • To enter, an artist must pay the administration fee and submit a fully completed on-line application form (including the artist statement) and supporting image/s of the work.  

  • Entries must be submitted via the website (artprize.com.au) before midnight on the closing date. 

  • All entries received before the closing time will be submitted for judging. Late entries may be submitted for judging but only at the discretion of Fleurieu Art Foundation. 

  • A non-refundable administration fee of $50.00 (incl GST) is payable by credit/ debit card upon submission of the application. 


The application form  

  • The application must be submitted in the form provided on the website (artprize.com.au) and must include: 

  • artists contact details, webpage and social media details,  

  • artwork’s title, material, dimensions and date of completion. 

  • artwork’s retail asking price for the work (incl GST) 

  • image(s) of the artwork 

  • 2D - 1 x image (front only) 

  • 3D – 2 x images (front and side) 

  • artist statement (150 words maximum) articulating the artistic and conceptual intent of the artwork in the response to the theme. 


The images of the work 

  • Each image submitted with the application form must be: 

    • in JPEG form 
    • in file size no larger than 5MB (but note that low resolution images should be minimum 20x20cm and clear). 

  • The image file name must include artist name and the image number (eg Smith-1). Images must be of an exhibition-ready completed artwork. 

  • The supplied image for each finalist will be used in the exhibition online catalogue.  

  • Supporting material will not be returned. 

  • Any additional material supplied with required support material will not be considered. 

  • There is a ‘Hints for taking photographs’ document in the artists section of the website. 


Judging panel 

  • A panel of three judges will be nominated for each Fleurieu Biennale Art Prize, to judge all prizes, except People’s Choice. 

  • Selection of both finalists and winners works will be made by the same panel. 

  • Decisions made by the judging panel are final and no correspondence will be entered into. 


Selection criteria  

  • Finalists will be selected from digital applications that best demonstrate: 

    • artistic merit and professionalism  
    • originality  
    • conceptual vitality in expressing the theme  
    • alignment of the works with the aims expressed in the artist’s statement 
  • Final judging of prize will occur at the shortlisted exhibition. 

  • The judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered int0. 



  • Artworks shortlisted by the judging panel will be exhibited at Fleurieu Arthouse, 202 Main Road, McLaren Vale SA 5171.  

  • The exhibition will be managed by the Fleurieu Arthouse on behalf of Fleurieu Art Foundation.  

  • All short listed work must be delivered to the gallery by the specified date ready to hang or install during gallery business hours (11.00-4.00) or by prior arrangement with Fleurieu Arthouse. 

  • Hanging/installation of short listed 2D works and 3D works weighing 20 kgs or less will be done by the Fleurieu Arthouse. Installation of 3D works weighing more than 20 kgs in a location nominated by Fleurieu Arthouse within the gallery or its surrounds will be by prior arrangement between the artist and the Fleurieu Arthouse. 

  • Entries must be for sale during the exhibition. A commission of 35% (Inclusive of GST) will be withheld by the Fleurieu Art Foundation. If the finalist is registered for GST the retail price must be GST inclusive. 

  • The finalist agrees and appoints the Fleurieu Art Foundation as sole agent to sell any and all of the artist’s artwork in the exhibition at the retail price nominated by the artist, or at a lower price acceptable to the artist. If the artist is represented by a gallery, it is the artist’s responsibility to make separate commission arrangements with that gallery. 

  • Artwork must be adequately packed for delivery. The original packaging will be retained for re-use at collection. Please ensure the packaging is able to be re-used and adequate quantities are used. Instructions for re-packaging of a complicated or delicate nature should accompany each entry. 

  • Freight and insurance of artworks will be the responsibility of the finalist. Finalists are responsible for maintaining at their own cost all insurances necessary to cover artwork for damages, theft, or loss during transport and delivery to and from Fleurieu Peninsula, South Australia and for the time the artwork is on exhibition or in the custody of the Fleurieu Art Foundation or the Fleurieu Arthouse. 

  • It is the artist’s responsibility to organise and pay for the return of unsold artworks.  Unsold artwork may be picked up in person from the gallery at prearranged times at the conclusion of the exhibition. Otherwise the artist must make arrangements for the work to be returned to the artist at the artist’s cost. 

  • The Fleurieu Arthouse will arrange delivery to any purchasers of artwork. 


Other terms and conditions of entry 

  • Personal information supplied in entry will be used only for administration purposes and will not be supplied to a third party. 

  • The Fleurieu Art Foundation is not bound to accept any entry and at its discretion may refuse an entry into The Fleurieu Biennale Art Prize 2024 without ascribing a reason. 

  • The Fleurieu Art Foundation may, at its discretion, alter the conditions of entry at any time.  

  • Neither the Fleurieu Art Foundation or the Fleurieu Arthouse takes any responsibility for damage, theft or loss of artwork including during transport and delivery to and from the event or for the time the artwork is on exhibition or in its custody. 

  • To the extent permitted by law the artist releases the Fleurieu Art Foundation and the Fleurieu Arthouse, their successors, officers, employees, contractors, volunteers and agents from any action, claim, liability, cost, expense, damage suffered or incurred by the artist arising out of or in connection with an act or omission of either the Fleurieu Art Foundation or the Fleurieu Arthouse. 

  • To the extent permitted by law the artist indemnifies and keeps indemnified each of the Fleurieu Art Foundation and the Fleurieu Arthouse and their successors officers, employees, contractors, volunteers and agents from any action, claim, liability, cost, expense, damage suffered or incurred by either the Fleurieu Art Foundation or the Fleurieu Arthouse arising out of or in connection with an act or omission of the artist. 

  • A completed entry form indicates that the artist accepts and is bound by these terms and conditions and that, in the event the artist is shortlisted, they authorise the reproduction of images of their artwork and extracts from their CV for publicity, catalogue, website, social media and associated publications. Works will not be accepted from artists who are related to, employees of or have a financial interest in the organiser/s or organising body, including judges.


Who we are 

  • This Call for Entries is made by FLEURIEU ART FOUNDATION PTY LTD (ACN 655 815 893) as Trustee of the FLEURIEU ART FOUNDATION. 

  • The Fleurieu Arthouse has been engaged to manage the exhibition with the Fleurieu Art Foundation. 


Contact Details 

E: artprize@artprize.com.au 

W: www.artprize.com.au 

P: (08) 72883095