About the Fleurieu Biennale

2018 marks the 20th anniversary of the Fleurieu Art Prize. Since its establishment by David Dridan, Greg Trott and Tony Parkinson with the support of major wineries in 1998, the Fleurieu Art Prize has been awarded nine times.

Past winners include Robert Hannaford (1998), Elisabeth Cummings (2000), Joe Furlonger (2002), Ian Grant (2004), Ken Whisson (2006), Tim Burns (2008), Julie Harris (2011), Fiona Lowry (2013) and Tony Albert (2016).

The Fleurieu Art Prize was ambitious from the outset. With a goal to raise the profile of the Fleurieu Peninsula the founders convinced local wineries and businesses to support a Prize for landscape, supported by associated prizes.

The main landscape prize gained prestige and was for some time the richest landscape prize in Australia.

Over the years, the Fleurieu Art Prize has taken a variety of forms and has seen a few name changes, including the Fleurieu Biennale.

In 2016, Fleurieu Art Prize was shown at the Anne & Gordon Samstag Museum of Art in Adelaide and the Fleurieu Food + Wine Art Prize was revived as a community run exhibition in McLaren Vale. The Fleurieu Biennale returns to its home on the Fleurieu Peninsula in 2018 and will be shown in McLaren Vale and Goolwa.

2016 Winner

2016 Fleurieu Food + Wine Art Prize

The 2016 FFW+AP was a successful community event exhibited across a number of wineries in the Mclaren Vale region.  

Tabletop 1

In Tabletop 1,  Fran explores the experiences of new-motherhood, domesticity and the struggle to find the ultimate art/mother balance. In making the work an un-stretched canvas was draped tablecloth-like on the kitchen table and objects were sketched as they landed on the table during daily routines of family life such as cooking, eating, filling milk bottles and packing lunches.  Wine, coffee, tea, and salt all become part of the media.

Fran has been busy since the FFW+AP win.  Check out her latest work.