Fleurieu Food + Wine Art Prize

2016 Fleurieu Food and Wine Art Prize


FRAN CALLEN - Tabletop 1

Showing at the McLaren Vale and Fleurieu Visitor Information Centre

In Tabletop 1,  Fran explores the experiences of new-motherhood, domesticity and the struggle to find the ultimate art/mother balance. In making the work an un-stretched canvas was draped tablecloth-like on the kitchen table and objects were sketched as they landed on the table during daily routines of family life such as cooking, eating, filling milk bottles and packing lunches with wine, coffee, tea, salt all becoming part of the media.

FFWAP Winner

Winemaker's Choice

2016 Fleurieu Food and Wine Art Prize

HEATHER LORENZON - Luncheon At Star Of Greece, Pt Willunga

Showing at Hugo Wine

FFWAP Winemaker's Choice

Highly Commended

The following artists were highly commended by the judges

Showing at the McLaren Vale and Fleurieu Visitor Information Centre

  • Tsering Hannaford, Autumn Composition
  • Richard Mauroovic, Lamb Rump
  • Brian O'Malley, Blue Fin Tuna
  • Marnie Wark, Aged Rose Quartz Riesling

Showing at Angove

  • John Foubister, Soils, Roots And Branches

Showing at Chapel Hill

  • Annabel Cisternino, The Vigneron's House Plums
  • Gabby Malpas, Beetroot

Showing at DogRidge

  • Alison Mitchell, Container Il
  • Andrea Jane Smith, Ladle With Lemons

Showing at Kay Brothers

  • Alison Mitchell, When The River Runs Dry
  • Therese Williams, Blue Enamel Dish And Fruit

Showing at Hugo Wines

  • Carole Bann, Garlic
  • Rachel Milne, Birthday Cake

Showing at Penny's Hill

  • Grace Huang, Sim Fresh Mandarins
  • Alison Main, Thinking Cotan, Dreaming Japan

Showing at Red Poles

  • Todd Romanowycz, Crushed

Showing at Wirra Wirra

  • Alison Mitchell, The Temptation Of Persephone - Or Pomegranate And Schnapps

Fleurieu Food + Wine Art Prize June 4 to July 29, 2016

The 2016 Fleurieu Food + Wine Art Prize has being reintroduced and is being run in conjunction with the richest landscape art prize in the world –The Fleurieu Art Prize.

The 2016 Food + Wine Art Prize is a Festival Community Program celebrating the art, food and wine of the Fleurieu Peninsula region with a $10,000, non-acquisitive prize for paintings with a food and wine theme.

The Food + Wine Art Prize will be anchored in McLaren Vale and will continue the Fleurieu Art Prize’s close association with the Fleurieu Peninsula.

The judges for the Food + Wine Art Prize are highly respected in the art world and include artist and Associate Professor Lecturer, Drawing at Adelaide Central School of Art, Chris Orchard, Director of Anne & Gordon Samstag Museum of Art, Erica Green and Peter Walker of Peter Walker Fine Art Gallery.

The founders of the Fleurieu Art Biennale, David Dridan, Greg Trott and Tony Parkinson had the vision to bring together a celebration of art, food and wine and in so doing promote the region they loved and make this a highly recognized place of interest for both global and local visitors. The new Fleurieu Food + Wine Art Prize gives us the opportunity to continue this vision.



The finalists will be hung on 9 venues across McLaren Vale. The finalists have been tentatively allocated to the following gallery spaces.


McLaren Vale

McLaren Vale and Fleurieu Visitor Centre

  • Braithwaite, Joanna, Movable Feast
  • Bruneder, Stefan, Through Wine
  • Burden, Nona, Moon Grapes
  • Callen, Fran, Tabletop (1)
  • Daye, Rina, The Guests
  • Frankel, Clint & Liz , Wine Lovers-Party For Two
  • Hannaford, Tsering, Autumn Composition
  • Iturri, Amaya, Lush
  • Judd, Mark, A Tray of Iced Garfish
  • Kellett, Gail, Vine Pull 2016
  • Kerr, Lindsay, 'Table Top'
  • Lacey, John, Busy Buckets – Willunga-Hand picking for a fine wine
  • Mauroovic, Richard, Lamb rump
  • McEwan, Sylvia , Still life with check table cloth #6
  • O'Callaghan, Tom, Dinner at Russell's
  • O'Malley, Brian , Blue Fin Tuna
  • O'Shea, Tim, 'After the feast'
  • Parsons, Marie, Reubens Pears
  • Redgate, Lesley, Orange and Blue
  • Simpson, Josh, Wild Thingz
  • Stattmann, Andrew, Piccadilly food bowl
  • Temme, Kaaren, Cornucopia of Plenty -fun and frivolity
  • Wark, Marnie, Aged Rose Quartz Riesling
  • Wright, Jen, Broody


  • Abbott, Elizabeth, A Vignerons Delight
  • Brassil, Meg, Sunday Roast
  • Callen, Fran, Tabletop 2
  • Chapman, Marion, Quail Eggs
  • Duncan, Garry, Vegan Atrocities
  • Foubister, John, Soils, roots and branches
  • Gray, Karen, Pears
  • Kitallides, Barbara, Landscape in the Afternoon
  • McWilliams, Peter, Vineyard
  • Mitchell, Sarah, Bush Picnic 1861 with Paradise Parrot
  • Rhodes, William, Garlic
  • Zimmermann, Ursula Ulrike, Ferment 2016: Grapes to Wine
Chapel Hill Wines

Chapel Hill Wines

  • Arce-Villalobos, Randal, Bacchanal 1
  • Cisternino, Annabel, The Vigneron's House Plums
  • Fitz-Gerald, Catherine, Transposition 3 - Chardonnay
  • Furler, Loene, Making things
  • Lubiana, Eileen, Here's the Jimmy
  • Malpas, Gabby, Beetroot
  • Pettigrew, Barbara, Fleurieu Palate
  • Ramachandran, Alan, Wine Tasting
  • Read-Devine, Mellissa, Repast
  • Street, Belinda, Vineyard in Orange
  • Thomas, Margaret, Chaff, Sheep Grazier, Pickled in Red Wine
  • Wallfried, Peter, Afternoon coffee with a Swiss Architect
DogRidge Wines


  • Adamson, Hugh, Old Lemon and Friends
  • Cockington, Henry, 3 Apples
  • Hocking, Michael, In the kitchen with Bruce
  • Lacey, John, Home Grown Thanks to the gardener and nature
  • Laxton, Nigel, Le Terroir
  • McEwan, Sylvia , Still life with check table cloth #4
  • Mackinnon, Debbie, the World Is My Oyster 1
  • Miller, Lewis, Still life with oyster shells and sardines
  • miller, Paul, Three beetroots for Vincent
  • Mitchell, Alison, Container ll
  • Morello, Robyn, In a Pear Tree
  • Morris, Judy, Heirlooms
  • Sangster, Vicki, Want some cheese with that whine
  • Smith, Andrea Jane, Ladle with Lemons
  • Williams, Aston, Come Together (NIKIM)
Hugo Wines

Hugo Wines

  • Agars, Nicki, Last fig on the tree
  • Agnew, Rose, Lychees In A Bag
  • Bann, Carole, Garlic
  • Cockington, Henry, 1 Apple
  • Ditroia, Antonia, Pomodori
  • Freeman, John, Sellicks Hill
  • Keukenmeester, Tom, Red Grapes
  • King, Peggie, The Olive Pickers
  • Kinter, Dana, The Colour of Pomegranates
  • Lorenzon, Heather, Luncheon at Star of Greece Pt Willunga
  • Milne, Rachel, Birthday Cake
  • Pascal, Nicole, Coq Au Vin
  • Sinclair, David, Still life with wine bottle
  • Stead, Kevin, The Good Oil
Kay Brothers Wines

Kay Brothers

  • Blackwell, Kerry, Bush Banana (Marsdenia Australia)
  • Dewar, Pauline, The Colour of Taste
  • Drewitt Smith, Pamela, Garlic hanging in kitchen, Noyen-sur-Sarthe, France.
  • Freeman, John, Willunga Hills
  • Gavan, Jane, Kandahar Grenades
  • Harmsworth, Irene, Grape Harvesting Pioneers 1895
  • Mitchell, Alison, When the river runs dry
  • Rankin, Don, Studio still life with pears
  • Telford-Sharp, Laura, Short Stack
  • Whale, Mirra, Goat and Pomegranate
  • Williams, Therese, Blue enamel dish and fruit
  • Wright, Jen, King George
Penny's Hill

Penny's Hill

  • Carter, Daniel, Not so unfamiliar
  • Huang, Grace, Sim Fresh Mandarins
  • Main, Alison, Thinking Cotan, dreaming Japan
  • McDonald, Sarah, 'Lunch Date at Penny's Hill'
  • Mumford, Jenni, Maturity
  • Richardson, Donald, The Cubist Plate
  • Vadasz, Louise, Port Willunga Veggie Patch #1
  • Whitehouse, Caitlin, Fleurieu and Industry
  • Wignall, Talia, Cake Dreams
  • Wright, Jen, Don't talk to me, I'm busy
  • Young, Alan, At the table
Red Poles

Red Poles

  • Achkar, Rebecca, Out Of View
  • Berlizova, Natalia, Pomegranate
  • Bridgart, Cheryl, Old Man Wine
  • English, Mitchell, Red apples in white bowl
  • Hogg, Gillian, Vintage Persimmons
  • Jennings, Wendy, Taste of the Fleurieu
  • Kirk, Rodney, Red and Blue
  • Kyrylenko, Marilyn, Yabbie
  • Marshall, Felicity, Dining With Succulents
  • McMeekan, Michael, Muscato mancave
  • Orchard, Ron, Lunch on the Decking-Pelican Lagoon
  • Rajic, Yasmin, Press (Shiraz/Cabernet/Merlot)
  • Richards, Malcolm, July
  • Romanowycz, Todd, Crushed
  • West, Sally, Champagne, Red Wine and Hibiscus
Wirra Wirra

Wirra Wirra

  • Bann, Carole, Corked
  • Dubarry, Adele, Lunch is on the table
  • Foley, Josh, Painting 2016
  • Jin, Youngsoon, Special Candy
  • Lougher, Donna, Olive Oil & Sesame
  • Mitchell, Alison, The temptation of Persephone-or pomegranate and schnapps
  • O'Hara, Megan, Bull Creek Garlic
  • Wojcik, Jarek, Spaces and things 01


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