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Samstag Museum to Host Fleurieu Art Prize

The Fleureiu Art Prize will partner with the University of South Australia's Samstag Museum of Art to present the prize in June 2016.

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The Fleurieu Art Prize culminates in a rich combination of fine art, some of the world's best wine, fine food and beautiful vistas of McLaren Vale and Fleurieu Peninsula as the finalists of the Fleurieu Art Prize are exhibited in wineries and galleries throughout this exquisite region in November every second year, with the next event to be held in 2015.

The Fleurieu Landscape Prize 2013 was $60,000 and is for painting of any landscape from around the world or other with the finalists exhibitions as the centrepiece of a month long celebration of the arts.  The prize attracts artists nationally and internationally and the prize exhibitions are underpinned by a quality Festival Community Program of events and exhibitions.

McLaren Vale & Fleurieu Peninsula is a region famous for its striking vistas and extraordinary geological formations. The area has long been the home and a source of inspiration for some of Australia's most important landscape artists including Dorrit Black, Horace Trennery and Robert Hannaford.

Join us in 2013 and enjoy fabulous wine and gourmet food as you discover the quality landscape art exhibited in the region's exquisite wineries and galleries.  Come for the day, or stay in this wonderful region and experience all it has to offer.



The Fleureiu Art Prize will be hosted by Samstag Art Museum in June 2016